Day 29 … Bikers’ roundup!

Inspiring quotes from the Boyz! ...

Rob Alexander

Amazing journey by Cold Play - three Boyz on bikes morphed into the famous five which has now developed into the secret seven - Enid Blyton could not have described it better - while Africa is broken everything works! Is there a sting in the tail? Absolutely! Are we doing it again? Absolutely!

Rolf Brauteseth
Challenges conquered, friendships forged and fun was had. A challenge of epic proportions through relentless terrain and trying conditions is always the best type of adventure when achieved with good friends. AFRICA WE CROSSED YOU!

Mike Puzey
Hanging with a team of businessmen on a mission to do an epic job was truly amazing. The tight team was led by Mark - the most hands on, iron man CEO I’ve ever met. Simply put -immensely motivational and a lesson in life to see a leader who achieves his mission, getting his own hands dirty in the process.

Quinton Warne
The only way to experience a true adventure, is to step out of your comfort zone. Thank you Congo for unforgettable memories. And thank you team for great friends. My prayer was for a safe passage and good health - both were answered. Thank you Lord.

Charlie Wells
“I signed up for an adventure which was delivered in spades and, with the biker team camaraderie, we could relish every challenge”.  To see the desperate need in the areas we rode through was at times overwhelming, but engaging with ordinary people making a difference to people’s lives in every remote village was inspiring.


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