Day 28 … The FINISH … “Starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic” - Robin Sharma

As planned we were all up early and the Kinshasa Biker Club guys arrived at the hotel ahead of our 5am departure - coffee, some breakfast (thanks to the staff of the Memling Hotel) and off we set for the last leg of what has been an epic journey!

It was great to have the bikers from the Kinshasa biker’s club lead us out of Kinshasa, and Joseph and Alberto stayed with us all the way to Matadi. We had two stops - one at Songololo, the town where we turned off in 2014 on our way to Angola and then on to Cape Town - it brought back memories for Rob, Paul and Mark.

After refuelling off we set to Matadi where we “lost” our 4th Land Cruiser which was hit by a truck! The trip to Matadi was a comfortable drive helped immensely by local knowledge. We were met by Dieudonne, the owner of Gecotrans, and his team and were treated to a fantastic refreshment stop - great coffee, cold drinks and great snacks - what a treat. We were now 360km into our plus 600km day. The next 120km was described by the locals as broken tar and the last 140km into Muanda was sand!!  Charlie chalked up the final ‘pink’ of the ride!!

The team has really got it together over the last 28 days. We got through the day and arrived at the mouth of the Congo looking across the great expanse of water where it pushes freshwater at 500 000m3/s out into the sea for 135km! At the mouth the river is over 100m deep!

What an amazing achievement - what an amazing team and without our partners and the Randgold  Kinshasa team, their comradeship and support, we would never have arrived - and two days ahead of plan!

We might have arrived at a point but it’s just another milestone in our quest to help those who have been left behind by society and to prove to the world that Africa’s people and resources hold great opportunities. What it needs is business people to unlock these opportunities - both national and international.

After champagne and a token swim in the Atlantic ocean by Raph and Rolf on behalf of the team, we travelled to the Hotel Gloria, a well-deserved dose of Luxury - what an amazing spot!!  At dinner we were joined by the Territorial Administrator and his team and Mark handed out a cheque to Madame Mimbu - one of God’s special people who has given the last 15 years of her life to picking up children and woman left behind by society and giving them a chance in Life - thanks Madame.

Didi then presented the support team members as well as the Boyzonbikes with a set of carefully thought through trophies - Didi has been amazing and we all thank him for his support, comradieship and motivation. Tomorrow Gecotrans start crating the bikes in preparation for their shipping back to South Africa and the team flies out to get back to their day jobs.

Mark is on his way the Côte d’Ivoire and the start of his annual exploration visitations during which he will be making further donations on behalf of the Nos Vies en Partage Foundation - it’s worth noting that this is how NVEP started more than 6 years ago.



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Congratulatins to the bikers... You made it despite all challenges on roads conditions, various people with different cultures and degree of hospitality...

by Teddy on June 29 2016, 10:04
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Well done!
Well done to you all for completing this epic journey. It's been fantastic to read your daily updates and see what adventures you've encountered and how many amazing people you've met along the way.

by Dana on June 29 2016, 10:43
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Well done guys
Well done and glad you all safe and in one piece!

Don't forget to spray the bikes with dwf or some type of oil!!!!

Cheers Rocky

by Rockland on June 29 2016, 11:52
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what an achivement
Mark, Rob, Quentin and team - well done. What an incredible journey. Apart from the challenges, comradeship and personal triumphs , you have touched many lives and made a difference. Progress is best made with small steps. The world, and indeed . .more

by Bruce on June 29 2016, 12:15
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Exelint achivement
Well done BOYZ an almighty challenge and achievement you have concord
As a biker I can take to hart the amazing feeling you guys share of ultimate success
Was gr8 being a brief part of your journey (Kibali repair team)
True hero's . .more

by Speedy on June 29 2016, 16:55
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Absolutely bloody amazing feat!
So many have you all to thank for their donations that you all personally gave.
So many times you were all faced with challenges that you all over came with team work.
End of the pinks update for . .more

by Transeast Team. on June 30 2016, 07:55
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The Finish
Well well done to all.

by Jay Kellerman on June 30 2016, 19:51
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Congratulations to the BOYZ!
Team, what an amazing achievement. You had challenges, but most of all I'm sure you'll always look back on this with fond memories. The amount of people's lives that you have and continue to change for the better will surely abound you with the . .more

by Hafiz on July 01 2016, 08:31
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That water must have looked v good...
Well Done all of you, and thanks

by Shaffiq/Elimu on July 01 2016, 13:38
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Great visions, Great achievements, Great impact, Great memories...Great life. It is uncredible what you guys have performed. The challenges you met energized you till you hit the target. Your footsteps accross big DRC will remain really epic...May . .more

by Richard on July 04 2016, 16:35
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Amazing and efficient journey for a great cause. I recently purchased a 701 and I see you all had good success with it for a grueling adventure. Will keep extra fuel filters on hand as I traverse the globe on mine. God bless.

by Jomar S. Roberts I, MD on September 12 2016, 03:27
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