Day 22 … You get good days and not so good days - today was a good day!

We were all up on time and spoilt with a hearty cooked breakfast and coffee - John and his team fuelled up the bikes and we rolled out towards Mwene Ditu at sunrise.

The road was potholed and narrow as we left town and then opened up and within half an hour we hit the first bit of sand - and sand that went on for half a km to a km at a time - not “chicken runs”. What was good was that the dew had damped things a bit so we soon got the hang of it and ploughed through. 40 mins of this then the road hardened and we settled into a steady pace, interrupted occasionally by short patches of sand and the odd run of washouts, potholes, roadblocks   and a couple of surprise trenches across the road. We drove the whole day alongside a functioning railway track.

Our first stop, just after two hours, was at the 110km mark. We were all relieved about the road conditions with the hope that it would stay that way.

We encountered a few additional obstacles along the way - we had to work our way around a truck which was stuck at the ramp to a bridge and we forded one river and then also had to cross another river using the railway bridge as the car bridge had collapsed. This required special permission from the Territorial Administrator. The support vehicles also manoeuvred across the bridge and had to haul the truck which was stuck at the bridge. Didi also took time out to give a pregnant lady a lift to her village. These drivers are amazing and Didi, our partner in Kibali, has been such fun on the trip.

5 “pinks” today, two proper ones for Paul, Rob and Charles and two sand stalls for Rob as well!

Despite the apprehension about the road condition, it stayed the same all the way to the entrance to Mwene Ditu where, after being met by Jean Paul (a Congolese engineer who is working in the area) who lead us to our hotel in the town, we hit the mother of all sand roads!

After battling through this final obstacle, we arrived at the Hotel Carrefour to cold beers and a coke for Quinton (kindly supplied by Jean Paul) and a refreshing bucket shower - the vehicles arrived a few hours later.

We had a visit from the Mayor who popped round to welcome us and extend his thanks for the support to the community’s women and children by Nos Vies en Partage.

The Nos Vies en Partage Foundation’s donations tonight were to:

The Maman Kapi Orphanage which was started by Josephine Kapinga in 2004 - the orphanage currently has 62 orphans in its care and they support these children to completion of high school as well as giving them life skills. The institution also looks to offer or facilitate access to basic health and education to the wider community. Our support is intended to enhance the living conditions by adding accommodation.


ADIMIR - Action pour le développement intégrale en Milieu Rural which has been operating since 1995. Started by Priest Mtanda Bulembat who, with a group of friends, started helping people displaced by Katanga tribal conflicts and since then has broadened his net to save children displaced, expelled or orphaned by the many conflicts in this region of the DRC. His organisation currently cares for 60 children who have no parents or family or connection with their families.

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day and today not but it worked out differently - hey this is Africa (TIA!) Tomorrow - well it’s a wait and see but the good thing is its 100km shorter than today!


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Day 23
Am so proud to see the team doing so well, perservering , being resilient, and upbeat. Taking each day on its own merit and with the right attitude is 99% of the battle... Keep it up folks, cheering and praying for you.

by Gulam Juma on June 23 2016, 15:10
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Indeed, you all seem to complete each day and its challenges!
Absolutely love the windshield on the black bike!
What on earth was that the boys was eating???
Keep it up guys.

by Sheila Craig on June 23 2016, 16:41
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by fj. Jonathan nayn on July 18 2017, 00:58
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Souvenir Juin 2016
jour 22 ... vous obtenez une bonne jours et non de sorte bon jours - aujourd'hui, a été une bonne journée! nous avons été tout à l'heure et l'embarras avec un copieux cuit petit déjeuner et le café - John et son équipe alimenté les vélos et nous . .more

by Didy Safari on February 14 2018, 13:37
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Should you wish to make a donation to the Nos Vies en Partage Fundraising drive then please click here

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