Day 18 ... Highway Kolwezi

The team had a “soft start” with a good breakfast and off we set to Kolwezi on a good tar road - only risk was the mad drivers that we had to watch out for. We had one rest for coffee and snacks and handed out some t-shirts.

We drove all along the famous Katanga copper belt passing the giant Tenke-Fungurume copper mining complex. Soon after arriving at the Kampi Ya Boma lodge on the outskirts of Kolwezi, we were met by Daniel Kapend a Kapend, the Environment and Tourism Minister for the Lualaba province who joined the team for lunch. We have a two day break for the two “old farts” to recover from their injuries and some of the other team members who are suffering from the famous African stomach lurgy.

After all the fixes in Pwetu the bikes are running well. The team will also be visiting a number of orphanages in the area and making donations on behalf of the NVEP foundation and supported by members of the DRC copper industry.

There is also the challenge of catching up with our “day jobs” so no rest for the wicked.

A very big THANK YOU to Gecotrans who very kindly took the team out for dinner at the Boucher restaurant in Lubumbashi, arranged and settled the accommodation and are also hosting us at Kolwezi - what great partners.

Another event was when Matesso, who had accompanied us all the way from Kibali on his Chinese Senke “ching-ling” and acted as our guide through the very challenging jungle region, “threw in the towel” and decided to catch a lift in the car to Kinshasa (from where he will return to Kibali) - he was a great help and an amazing and tenacious rider. These Chinese bikes are amazing and are the backbone of the central African transport system - they are referred to by the locals as “motos” and their cost is less than 1/10th that of our bikes with ample spares available at every village!


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