Day 12 ... Rest day in Kindu!

After a good night’s sleep the team was up and about early - receiving clean and dry laundry which is always a bonus and getting the bikes set for their workover under the instruction of Mike Puzey.

Lots happened today - Mark caught up with his work and popped in to check on progress. Quinton fixed the comms issues and speaker and noise dampening systems in some of the helmets, including Mark’s and then joined the team to assist Mike at work.

After injuring himself on a bridge fall yesterday, Rob had a day of rest helped by some power drugs and by the end of the day, was starting to look forward to the ride tomorrow.

The bikes were serviced including oil change, cleaning of the various filters, the fuel tanks repaired and refilled. Likewise, some of the bikes had sprung radiator leaks which were also repaired. Mike eventually diagnosed the reason that a number of bikes are underperforming with Charles’ being the worst - the issue being that the fuel pumps are failing - we only had one spare and this was fitted to Charles’ bike so Rob and Mark have to wait till we can get additional spares shipped.

There were many engagements with Husqvarna getting spare parts to Lubumbashi before we get there - if we get there! The process of working through the bikes took Mike and the team the whole day!

At midday Charles and Mark, with the Randgold DRC team, visited the ONG Mapon development - what an amazing initiative supported by the Prime Minister of DRC - Matata Ponyo. It is focussed on excellence, delivering world class medical care and facilities to the poor and neglected members of society, and offering an absolutely unique education opportunity based on ability. The whole philosophy behind this initiative is a unique and ambitious one which we can all learn from. Truly one that will deliver some of Africa’s leaders in the future, whether it’s in the sciences, commerce, business or politics!

Then back to the hotel, final packing and finishes to the bikes - then dinner with speeches and responses from representatives of both central and provincial government and the presentation of a cheque from NVEP to the ONG Mapon Development.

Kindu was a real surprise in a positive way – a city relatively well appointed - reasonable infrastructure and of course a great place to stay over at the Karibu!

Tomorrow is another long day - 420km and destination Kongolo.


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so much already
Hope the pumps get to Lumbubashi and you can safely carry on.
So much achieved and experienced already.

by Sheila Craig on June 13 2016, 13:05
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Safari Djema
Thanks a lot for the update. From the Kibali site, we are happy to hear that you are travelling safely and you have reached Kindu. All the best for the rest of your way.

by Franco Kavulivwa on June 13 2016, 16:01
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My my, if it was easy it wouldn't be fun! all future rides will be down hill.
take care.

by JOHNO on June 14 2016, 09:55
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We are all watching and donating this side!! I'll pop in at the office tomorrow and check on things Quint/Ralph - you GO!

Amazing ride.

by Martin de Beer on June 14 2016, 15:51
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