Day 8 ... Slip sliding away …

After yesterday’s hectic day, we were up at 5.30am because some of the bikes, Rolfe’s in particular, needed attention. We had a quick breakfast and, while the team went to fuel up, Mark, Charles and Cyrillie went to greet the Governor - they had a great meeting with the Governor and his team and he very generously, on behalf of his province, donated full fuel tanks to the BOYZONBIKES - a big thank you Governor and Mark says he will donate the equivalent to NVEP.

After a group photo, we were off to join the team, fuel up and then off to Nia Nia some 233km away! The first 60km was a great dirt road after which we started to see the odd wheel tracks in the mud and the road got progressively worse until the suddenly at Wamba the road turned to a quagmire with bogged down trucks and very few “safe” options to get through!

It was hectic and as we got through one muddy obstacle so the next appeared - the bikes started running hot and there was a lot of riding the clutch and sliding around - we soon worked out that it was safest to stick in the groove of the bike ahead on you! There was one particular stretch where the deeply incised tracks reached 9 feet below surface with a narrow “gang plank” type option to drive between the mess - we all got through except Charles who miscued and ended upside down and up to the chest in mud!!! Quinton renamed him Charlie Brown!!

Needless to say, there were a number duct tape awards - Charles receiving the man of the tour (so far!) and then Paul got another and Quinton joined the duct tape gallery as well!!

It was hot, wet and muddy and went on for more than 30km until things started to get better. We eventually arrived at Nia Nia at around 4pm and our scout on a Chine-moto scurried around to locate our hotel which was actually a Catholic Convent run by Farther Roman. We were made very welcome and some of the gang got washing done. We had the bikes washed and Pacific arrived from Bunia with some great South African red wine and cheese Goma which saved the day.

The Boyz were shattered and so everyone had an early night after hearty meal prepare by Father Roman’s team.


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Good going guys
Guys, some of the toughest sections are behind you, however still a long way to go! Hope you get enough rest as you go on..

by Hafiz on June 10 2016, 10:45
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Well done!
Charlie Brown! hope he didn't have to stay too long with that mud pack!
Well done.

by sheila craig on June 10 2016, 12:49
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