Day 2 ... “Nothing behind us, everything ahead of us, as is ever so on the road.” - Jack Kerouac, On the Road

So off again, Mark looking a bit bruised but raring to go – quick breakfast and back into the Kita traffic we arrived in the night before.

A very different day to yesterday, once we left the traffic behind and 2 hours out at a town called Nyeri where we stopped to refuel. A little snippet of information, Nyeri is famous for the Outspan Hotel where Lord Baden Powell started the “Boy Scouts Movement”.

Then off through the rift valley which is really two deep valleys. We saw the geothermal rigs which are developing Kenya’s thermal power capacity and we stopped on the Laikipia Plains with an absolutely clear view of the magnificent Mount Kenya. The highest point we reached on the drive was 9003ft! - Paul ran out of breath and the bikes out of steam! Then on to Nyahururu where we stopped for coffee and visited Thompson’s falls and to the equator where we had picnic lunch and took photos.

A relatively easy day (which Mark was very grateful for) with beautiful scenery and pleasant temperatures and very little traffic after the first two hours. To finish the day, Malcolm changed character and insisted he lead us into Eldoret at below the speed limit for the last 80km, as the local police have a reputation of being particularly vigilant!

We arrived at the Boma Inn at 17h00pm making it another long day. The team had some time to work on a few snags that had showed up on some of the bikes - we are still struggling with the bike-to-bike comms and so a few of the techo-wizards in the team have been scratching their heads to try and get everyone connected. All in all another great day in Africa and tomorrow’s 160km to the Ugandan border brings a new day and another country.


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bike to bike comms
Really do you guys want to talk to each other while on bikes hahahaha

don't forget to filter your fuel :-) ride safely regards Rocky

by Rockland on June 03 2016, 13:33
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Missing the Tech Boyz
1st world problems in a third world environment. Enjoy your ride guys.

by Craig on June 04 2016, 16:56
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