Day of Sharing!

So tomorrow is the big day but so was today. It started with the team doing the finishing touches to the bikes and making sure the communications gismo’s all worked – another review of the route, the tough and challenging sections and options and plan B’s!

And then off to visit the Wema Centre on the bikes. Just as well as two of the bikes developed fuel line problems as we left the Serena hotel. A quick patch job by Mike and we were off again.

Every time we do something like this we marvel at those special folk we discover who give selflessly to those children of Africa who have been completely neglected by society. Lucy Yinda started the Wema concept in 1993 and since then it has grown it into something very special with a focus of taking children off the street and rehabilitating them back into society through holistic care and support and by introducing them foster families with stable and caring homes.

In this special “children’s oasis“ the children come first. It’s all about them - loving them and teaching them about values and families and the good things that life offers. It’s about partnerships. In the last 23 years the organisation has reached 42 000 children through its various street children and vulnerable orphans rehabilitation projects.

We spent a wonderful few ours with the children and those special caregivers that work with them. Philippe, our NVEP chairman handed over a contribution to support Lucy and Henry with the good work. I would urge you to look this centre up on : and you will get a real feel for the institutions and causes we like to support.

We sang and spent time with the children and I do not believe anyone of the team left without being moved by the experience.

Back to the Serena hotel, some final finishes to our bikes and a function to celebrate the start of our Safari Kwa Afrika Bora! At the ceremony we will also be handing over contributions to another two great institutions being the Elimu foundation who renovate and rehabilitate schools in Mombasa and the Agha Khan academy where the Nos Vies en Partage Foundation will be supporting a scholarship programme, focused on giving very poor and or disadvantaged children access to this great academic institution’s facilities.

Then its dinner with our guests and partners from Kenya and the DRC – the DRC guests being some of our partners like MD, IOB, Uele Motors, Orezone and DCMS.

Also the BOYZONBIKES and the Nos Vies en Partage foundation will never be able to thank Hanif and Alim and their Freight Forwarders team enough for all the support, planning and hospitality afforded  to the bikers and our mission to support those woman and children of Africa who have been neglected by society.

So at first light tomorrow the boyz get on the road…




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Good Luck!
Best of luck for the trip...I suppose it would be inappropriate to advise 'no off roading'!Thanks for all the support of The Julian Baring Scholarship in the past.

by Justin Baring on June 01 2016, 10:45
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Best of luck!
Mark and team, your vision of helping the disadvantaged is heartwarming. Your donations to Wema, Elimu and Aga Khan Academy will "make a difference" to the lives of plenty. Maybe a future President of Africa might be a beneficiary of your . .more

by Narmin Somji on June 01 2016, 11:49
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never realized what a fatastic contribution you are making to those so much less fortunate.
absolutely wonderful!
Vas Byte.

by John and Velia Oosthuizen on June 01 2016, 15:14
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I am sorry I won't be able to join this one! Make sure to keep Dad highly caffeinated!

by Grant Bristow on June 01 2016, 19:07
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Your trip
Enjoy and take care

by Allamagny charles on June 02 2016, 01:30
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Day 1
How the buttocks feeling?

by Craig Bristow on June 02 2016, 04:30
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Elimu Foundation donation
To thank you for your generous donation and to wish you well on your bikes. Good luck.

by Shakila Mamujee - Chairman Elimu Foundation on June 03 2016, 06:29
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