14 April 2016

Randgold Resources chief executive Mark Bristow will lead his fifth trans-Africa motorbike safari (the fourth under the Nos Vies en Partage banner) in a challenging cross-continental ride which will start on the east coast at Mombasa in Kenya on 1 June 2016 and end at Matadi in DRC on the west coast at the end of that month, having passed through or around the dense equatorial Congolese jungle as...  Read more »

Day 29 … Bikers’ roundup!

29 June 2016

Inspiring quotes from the Boyz! ...   Read more »

Day 28 … The FINISH … “Starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic” - Robin Sharma

28 June 2016

As planned we were all up early and the Kinshasa Biker Club guys arrived at the hotel ahead of our 5am departure - coffee, some breakfast (thanks to the staff of the Memling Hotel) and off we set for the last leg of what has been an epic journey!   Read more »

Day 27 … “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” - Charles Dickens

27 June 2016

A well-deserved rest for the team and up for breakfast in time to leave for the Kinshasa boat club and a 2 hour cruise up the Congo at 9am.   Read more »

Day 26 … The best way poor people can come out of their poverty is to get on the global highway, not on some dirt side road. - Iqbal Quadir

26 June 2016

What a night in Kikwit - the team experienced a Saturday night in town and clearly our hotel was the disco hot-spot! We had more than one disco blaring out NOISE rather than music until 4.30 in the morning. We were all up early - Mark was a little better having rested his injuries a bit and, after rolls with fried Vienna sausages and coffee, and with the bikes fuelled up, we headed out just...  Read more »

Day 25 … Life is not a bowl full of cherries, there's good and bad stuff. - Fuzzy Zoellerup

25 June 2016

The chaos of last night continued this morning - Dogo slept at the petrol station to get fuel first thing in the morning. It was an early morning to bed for some of the team and the Boyz managed through doubling up, with Raph sharing his room with three others. Stephen from Didi’s MD team eventually got the hotel management focused on a bit of service and actually got coffee, eggs and a bun for...  Read more »

Day 24 … “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

24 June 2016

It has become habit now - an early start and today a great hot breakfast at the Hotel Woodlands and then we were escorted out of town and off to Tshikapa on a road advised by Jean de Dieu (translated means Jean of God) a WHO doctor. We quickly got onto a 50m wide road and were clipping along traveling effectively away from our destination most of the time - much to the consternation of some of...  Read more »

Day 23 … It was a “sandman” day today!

23 June 2016

Last night we stayed in one of only two buildings that had electricity in Mwene Ditu and the generator woke us up at 5am. The bikes were already fuelled so we packed our goods - there was no coffee or breakfast - a few energy bars and off we set at sunrise, led out of town by our host Jean-Paul. This was the first time since Lubumbashi that we had entered our destination and the GPS showed a...  Read more »

Day 22 … You get good days and not so good days - today was a good day!

22 June 2016

We were all up on time and spoilt with a hearty cooked breakfast and coffee - John and his team fuelled up the bikes and we rolled out towards Mwene Ditu at sunrise.   Read more »

Day 21 … When it couldn’t get worse - it did!!

21 June 2016

We were all up early and fresh after a two-day break - and we left still in the dark at 6am - and the road out of Kolwezi soon deteriorated and then got progressively worse - first stop was after Mark had a big fall! Then the next was at 160km to cross on a ferry - this ferry was a manually operated one.  Read more »

Day 20 ... “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” - Arthur Ashe

20 June 2016

Our second rest day in Kolwezi started like the first - a relaxed breakfast and the team then got down to bike repairs - mostly focussing on repairing spare fuel tanks where possible, checked shocks, tightened up the steering bolts and reset steering dampeners and a general once over as we have a straight 6 day ride now until we get to Kinshasa, without much time as there are a few tough days and...  Read more »

Day 19 ... Lualaba is open for business!

19 June 2016

We all slept in a little and met at breakfast around 9am - then a catch up with emails and other business.  Read more »

Day 18 ... Highway Kolwezi

18 June 2016

The team had a “soft start” with a good breakfast and off we set to Kolwezi on a good tar road - only risk was the mad drivers that we had to watch out for. We had one rest for coffee and snacks and handed out some t-shirts.   Read more »

Day 17 ... Africa - never as it seems nor what you expect!

17 June 2016

After a very productive rest day yesterday - the team was up ahead of everyone else at Pwetu lodge packing our now fully functional bikes - the rest of the crew and the lodge staff were soon up and about and we were treated to a great egg and bacon breakfast (except Mark who had developed a stomach bug!!) ...   Read more »

Day 16 ... Our second rest day and just in time!

16 June 2016

The team had a great evening last night and some of the younger group pushed the limit a bit - nevertheless everyone was up at a reasonable time but not ahead of the GECOTRANS “couriers” who arrived in the early hours of the morning. Thanks again to Suzette, Malcolm, Martin and most of all Kerry and the Gecotrans team for making this happen.   Read more »

Day 15 ... “Beauty is and always will be blue skies and open highway.”

15 June 2016

Last night was a late night for the whole team as the Boyz tried to ensure their bikes were capable of making the 460km ride to Pwetu. Quinton had a leaking radiator which he fixed with tea leaves! Rolfe was helping Quinton, the rest were assisting with refuelling and Mark, Raph and Did were running around trying to rent a pick-up to take Rob’s bike to Pwetu.   Read more »

Day 14 ... “If it were easy it would not be any fun.” - T Jay Taylor

14 June 2016

Up early again but this time we were determined to depart at 6am which happened - we reversed our route back across the railway bridge and we were out of town by 6.40am.   Read more »

Day 13 ... No sting in the tail today - but a long and technical ride.

13 June 2016

After a good rest day - we were up early and packed the bikes, cup of coffee and a frustrating slow delivery on the breakfast side. Nevertheless, those who did not get omelette, substituted with fruit and bread.   Read more »

Day 12 ... Rest day in Kindu!

12 June 2016

After a good night’s sleep the team was up and about early - receiving clean and dry laundry which is always a bonus and getting the bikes set for their workover under the instruction of Mike Puzey.   Read more »

Day 11 ... A bridge(s) over troubled water - ALL BROKEN!

11 June 2016

Well last night worked out and the 4 BOYZ who stayed with the Sisters had a great time and even a cooked breakfast. Quinton, Charles and Mark, who stayed in the priests quarters, had to fend for themselves - apart from coffee - Father Gabriel’s cook brewed up a pot of Mark’s special mix and Raph arranged fresh bread and we had rolls from yesterday.   Read more »

Day 10 ... All’s well that ends well!

10 June 2016

The day started with a very tasty breakfast - some confusion over fuel which proved to be short so they had to get the petrol station open at 7am to get the extra 40 litres required.   Read more »

Day 9 ... Pledges reach the US$ 2 million mark as the boyz overcome muddy challenges!

09 June 2016

We all had a good rest and were up at 5.30am to finish off on some cleaning up. Some of the team had laundry done. After two very tough days, it was great to have a relatively slow start after a breakfast of omelettes and good old bully beef on bread with coffee and tea followed by a farewell to Father Roman and his team. We had to fuel up and eventually got out of Nia Nia at 8.50am.   Read more »

Day 8 ... Slip sliding away …

08 June 2016

After yesterday’s hectic day, we were up at 5.30am because some of the bikes, Rolfe’s in particular, needed attention. We had a quick breakfast and, while the team went to fuel up, Mark, Charles and Cyrillie went to greet the Governor - they had a great meeting with the Governor and his team and he very generously, on behalf of his province, donated full fuel tanks to the BOYZONBIKES - a big...  Read more »

Day 7 … Some people watch movies some make movies!

08 June 2016

We thought yesterday was a challenge and had lots of mud but today proved all that to be wrong. Today has to go down as the most hectic riding day we have done and there is no doubt that the BOYZONBIKES made their own movie today!   Read more »

Day 6 ... Mud, mud glorious mud!

06 June 2016

After a hearty breakfast we said our goodbyes to the Kibali team. A big thank you to the whole team and in particular to Hennie, Speedy and Craig for assisting with the bike repairs.   Read more »

Day 5 ... “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”

05 June 2016

Today was our first rest day, (and well deserved I might say) at the Randgold / AGA Sokimo Kibali gold mine in north east DRC.   Read more »

Day 4 ... “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” - Helen Keller, The Open Door

04 June 2016

We all arrived at the Kibali mine safely today after a staggered start, a border crossing from Uganda to the DRC and a total of 400km.   Read more »

Day 3 ... the end of the beginning!

03 June 2016

So day three is behind us and another 626km and 12.5 hours for Mark, Rob, Quinton, Charles and Paul. Mike and Rolfe, with Raph and Cyrille who stayed behind to help, took 14.5 hours after Rolfe’s bike broke down just outside Lira.  Read more »

Day 2 ... “Nothing behind us, everything ahead of us, as is ever so on the road.” - Jack Kerouac, On the Road

02 June 2016

So off again, Mark looking a bit bruised but raring to go – quick breakfast and back into the Kita traffic we arrived in the night before.   Read more »

“Day 1 ... The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

01 June 2016

So it arrived – the first day of our Safari Kwa Afrika Bora. Everyone was up and ready on time, a quick breakfast and we were sent off by a small crowd of dedicated supporters, the local Kaya band and Philippe with the BOYZONBIKES starter flag!   Read more »

Day of Sharing!

31 May 2016

So tomorrow is the big day but so was today. It started with the team doing the finishing touches to the bikes and making sure the communications gismo’s all worked – another review of the route, the tough and challenging sections and options and plan B’s!   Read more »

The past is behind: The future is ahead: the question is are we prepared for it.

29 May 2016

Its Sunday afternoon, 29 May and just two days left before we head out on our ” Safari kwa Afrika Bora ride” with departure from Mombasa set for first light on Tuesday. The Chairman of the Nos Vies en Partage Foundation, Philippe Lietard, arrived in Mombasa on Sunday and will be travelling with the bikers for the first 2 days of the trip. Tonight, six of the seven ‘boyz on bikes’, Rob, Paul,...  Read more »

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

13 April 2016

After three months of preparation, parts testing and building the bikes were finally finished and ready to pack and ship. Every bike was checked over several times and test ridden to be sure nothing was missed then placed on it crate for the trip to Mombasa. The bikes looked amazing prior to the packing an I am keen to see how they will look after the 8000km trip - may not be as spotless!   Read more »

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.

06 April 2016

Completing the TECH...Once the bikes were run in and washed, the work started on prepping the machines for the epic trip. All the bikes were fully serviced, air filters oiled and fitted. ABS modlues were added for ‘off road use’, leaving only the front wheel in ABS mode and the rear wheel no longer with ABS functionality which, in dirt, is essential. Steering dampers were fitted with small...  Read more »

1000km test run...“Your challenges, if you let them, will become your greatest allies”.

13 March 2016

701 was a new product from Husqvarna in 2016 so no after market parts existed for the bike when they arrived in January. After some tech development had taken place during Feburary, the time came and it looked like we were confirmed to use these bike for the trip   Read more »

Preparation...“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

26 February 2016

On Jan 14th 2016 the first bikes arrived at Bikers Warehouse and the team set about their business of transforming the Huski 701 into a bike capable of getting us across Africa. Off the shelf, the 701 is ideally suited for the touring off road terrain as it is effectively described as a plastic bike and is at least 50Kg lighter than anything else in the class - only 155kg with accessories...  Read more »

“Everything in your life is a reflection of the choice you make. If you want a different result, make a different choice!”

01 September 2015

In 2009 we rode the then new BMW 800GS – first to drive it from Cape to Cairo; in 2012 we road the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 – also a new model and in 2014 we drove the absolutely wonderful KTM 1190. That was the bike to ride but our Safari this year is definitely not for sissies!   Read more »

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

15 July 2015

A year after our epic trip down the west coast of Africa from Abidjan to Cape town, the third in a series of rides that took us up the east coast from Cape Town to Cairo in 2009 and then from Bagshot to Budapest via Bamako to finish in Abidjan in 2012, it was time to start planning our next ride. A ride across Africa to highlight the plight of its woman and children that are so often left behind...  Read more »
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